The Great Spring Transition

If you’re like me, hanging up the chunky scarves, riding boots, and rich deep colors is a very sensitive subject. Not only that, but trying to find that perfect look that doesn’t make you too hot or cold is torture. There are so many great ways to transition into fall but heres my trick: comfort. Each season is a new way for me to reinvent; and the transition season is a great way to figure out what look I want to embody for the next season. I know, i know, the word comfort doesn’t sit well in the world of fashion. Comfort signifies laziness and lack of taste, but let me tell you my friend, thats false.

During this time is to really important to take a step back and ask yourself: what is something that I have never tried before and what do I wish to accomplish before spring? This may sometimes be tough but heres a trick to help you jumpstart your journey: dive into our fashion history and explore it. Go into the grunge era with a cute leather jacket for a final farewell until the return of autumn, the 70s boho laid back feel and explore a loose blouse, or even travel back to the 1900s and pick up some cute converse and flared denim. This is the season for experimentation.

Experimentation doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Just one simple shift just might do for you as it did for me. Personally, my secret weapon for this season has been my All Star Ox Optical White Converse. Not only do they make the simplest of outfits attract a plethora of compliments and admiration, they have shifted my style into a soft core grunge that Im obsessing over. The experimentation of one simple piece shifted my whole style while creating comfort. A typical day for me is a slouchy shirt, leather jacket, distressed denim (cuffed, of course) and my trusty all stars.


I hope that this helped you all as it has been my guide to feeling good and even looking good in preparation for the big beautiful season of Spring. Have a great day dolls!




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