Sunshine Blogger Award!

Good Morning Sunshines! So today I have a special post that I am so honored to share with you guys and its called the “Sunshine Blogger Award.” I feel so blessed to have been nominated by my favorite blog, Style Cat Blog who is an amazingly talented and authentic street style blogger and has been gracious enough to involve me in this fun tag!

So now, what is the Sunshine Blogger Award? here are the instructions:

Thank and link the person who nominated you.

  1. Answer the 11 hilarious or beautiful questions asked by the person.
  2. Nominate 11 bloggers.
  3. Then ask them another 11 questions (comment on their boxes to notify them of the nomination).

Part Two: Part One is done, so lets move on to what you’ve all been waiting for, the questions!

1. If you had a certain golden fish, what would be your three wishes?

Ah yes, this is a really good one!

First Wish: Ending world poverty and hunger

Second Wish: To get into the most prestigious fashion school in the world!

Third Wish: Become a successful figure in the fashion industry and transforming the lives of others as well:)

2. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Hmmm, i’ve never been much of a superhero gal but I would say spiderman. Theres just something about Tobey Maguire’s eyes that makes a girl swoon (insert heart eye emoji here). Its also the only one that I seem to somewhat understand!

3. Theres a saying: “clothes don’t make the person.” Do you agree?

Girl, I completely agree! I even dedicated my first post to it! Clothes do not make nor define you, its all about how you work it. With the bold combination of elegance and confidence, you will slay anything from a trash bag to vintage Chanel dress honey lol.

4. Dogs or Cats? Why

Definitely dogs! Cats are all fine and dandy, but having another diva in the house in addition to myself? Thats a bit of an overkill. Dogs are always so happy and playful with no care in the world! My baby chihuahua, Princeton is just always grateful for everything he has and when I get mad at him, he still always embraces me. They are just so innocent and pure. Go get you a dog!

5. What would you change about yourself?

Theres just one thing that I would want to change about myself and its my personality. I am a relaxed and chill type B personality while I really want to be a type A. I want to be more ambitious and going for things rather than dreaming about it. Life is too short to just be calm all day long. I want to seize every moment of my life with no regrets of not doing something. Theres nothing wrong with type B people, I would just love to have a mixture of the two 🙂

6. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’ve been an extrovert for as ling as I can remember. I may come off as an introvert if I don’t want to talk to anyone and my bas case of resting bitch face (RBF) but after I decide I like you, we’re gonna be besties in a matter of minutes!

7. Whats your favorite moment in life?

Ugh questions like this are so difficult for me! There are so many amazing moments to choose from. One of my favorite moments in life so far was graduating high school. I felt so accomplished for once in my life. I was also thrilled that I didn’t have to deal with those idiots anymore! lol. It was just a fresh new start and I felt like a completely different person after I received that diploma.

8. If you could, who’s life would you switch with for a day?

Omg, im gonna sound so cliche buuuut, BLAKE LIVELY! I’m super obsessed with her and her gorge family. Not only is she so successful, she is so humble. Also, how cool would it be for people to call you Blake for a whole day?

9. How would you describe your style?

My style is always changing depending on the season and different trends. I thrive in fall weather fashion with modest, high-fashion striking layers with deep tones. I don’t know how you’ll take this but I love dark colors  and would probably describe my fashion icons as Morticia Adams or Karl Lagerfeld.

10. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging almost 5 months ago. I started a YouTube fashion page but I realized I just had to much to say and elaborate on for anything to make sense. It was difficult because it felt like a competition. I am sharing my thoughts and ideas with the fashion world to help inspire, not recognition. After doing a fall internship writing fashion columns with CollegeFashionista, I realized that writing is something that comes naturally to me and instead of being restricted to all the CollegeFashionista rules, I could make rules of my own here on WordPress.

11. Whats your favorite post at Style Cat Blog?

One of my fave blog posts from Style Cat Blog one of her more recent posts. Her incredible European Cowgirl II was so inspiring. Its the perfect simple, yet themed flowy outfit for summer. She always pulls off everything that she wears but this one is out of this world fab! I’m dying for her blouse and the light-washed denim was a great touch.

After 3 months of working on this post, I am finally finished! Thank you so much Andi for the amazing opportunity! I hope the next round of bloggers that I nominate will have as much fun as I did!


  1. Whateverwilby

2. Communicationallabout

3. Fashionempress

4. Kortneyslife

5. Whatwouldvwear

6. Thestylelynnkind

7. Darlydarly

8. Ecochictotes

9. Truebornafricanqueen

10. Maisonbentleystyle

11. Wittynpretty

Here are the questions…

  1. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
  2. What is your all-time favorite fashion season?
  3. What is your ultimate go-to summer piece/trend this year?
  4. What inspired your blog name?
  5. What is one thing that you believe makes your blog unique?
  6. If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be? Why?
  7. What is your biggest fashion regret? (Pics if possible)
  8. What culture’s fashion from anywhere in the world do you admire most?
  9. What do you believe is today’s biggest fashion don’t?
  10. What theme are you going for on your blog? (pale? fresh? simple? earthy? etc)
  11. What is your Favorite post from TwentyTrendyandThriving and what would you suggest to improve it?

Enjoy Lovelys!




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