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How to Get Out of Your Creative Funk

As fashion enthusiasts, we’ve all been there. Some way some how, our passion and creative process vanishes. For some of you it may be kids, stress, hectic schedules, etc. For me personally, being a broke college student and a part-time retail sales associate damages my creative thought process towards fashion. I work for the fashion brand Ralph Lauren, don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but being surrounded by the same style of clothing each day decreases the versatility in my fashion taste. Although I sometimes go through periods of no inspiration, here are a few tricks that ignite my hunger for fashion and blogging time after time.


Through the ups and downs, Pinterest has always been that one friend that is always there for me. While in a creative funk, just skim through the app! Pinterest is filled with modern-day trends and even upcoming trends for each season. There are so many people just like you, who want to share their ideas! Explore, and allow it to inspire your next pieces or projects.


I challenge you to go somewhere that you have never been. It doesnt have to be far, just somewhere where you wouldn’t find yourself on  an average day such as a barbershop, your local library, the countryside of your town, or the large nearby cities. Wherever you choose just sit, and observe! Everyone has their own unique quirk and personality that you can allow to inspire you. You can figure out what the lastest trends are or maybe even make your own new trend just by watching a passerby! The opportunities are endless, and the best part *drumroll*… It’s free!


For those of you looking for a little nudge and no idea of what direction to go, look at other blogs, go to a small local boutique, or art gallery and figure out what you don’t like. Once you know what you don’t want, you’ll know what you do want for whatever creative goal you are trying to achieve.

All in all, creative funks aren’t very fun. Although they are painfully annoying, I realized that after my funk seasons I always come back 10 times better and ready to take control once again. It is designed to remind you of your goals and to tweak a few things to get reach them. I think of it as a healthy sign of progress and a test of determination. I hope this post will help you guys as it has helped me!






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