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2016 Trends That We Need to Ditch

Dear 2016,

Although we’ve had some good times, you have not been the best to us fashion- enthusiasts. We have lost inspiration and had to witness some of the most godawful fashion and beauty trends. We can’t take it anymore. 2017 is here and we are leaving you for him. 2017 will not have. . .

1. Fashion Nova

We just can’t deal with the cheap quality, overly- tight distressed denim (*cough* jeggings *cough*) falsely advertised by celebrities who only wear them for a fat check.

2. Extreme Contouring

Contouring has been a gift from God above and we love it with all our hearts… but on our calves, boobs, arms, stomach, neck, and ears? it’s a bit much. Countouring is about enhancing the dimensions of our faces, and making our natural bone structure pop. Not exactly to hide the unique God- given flaws on our bodies. We need to accept ourselves for who we are and not hide behind contouring

3. Youtube Guru Drama

Can we just all get along and get our eyebrows on fleek together?

4. Extreme Highlighting

Of course we all want that healthy glowing skin, but it came to the point where we put so much on that we looked sweaty! A little goes a long way! Cosmetic companies literally charged us an arm and a leg for highlight when we could’ve just simply put a nice little swipe of cooking oil on our cheekbones for the same effect, with the way we were using it.

5. High Boots with Dresses

Just. . . NO

6. Extremely Tight Bodycons

The woman’s body is a true work of art. Why wouldn’t we want to show it off? While we walk around with our beautiful bodies, why not add a little mystery to spice it up?

7. Over-Lined Lips

Our natural lips are perfectly and uniquely designed for each of us. While being a beautiful statement trend in 2016, 2017 should be a year of naturalism and simplicity. We are all starting to look the same. The beauty in the world is our unique quirks and flaws!

8. Using Anything as a Makeup Brush Substitute

Can we just stick to the beauty blenders and makeup brushes? We cant all keep up with the chicken cutlets and other weird makeup applicators used these days. They all look the same!


These are a few of my 2016 pet peeves. Some of you may actually love these items and some may actually hate them as well, but i’m sure we can all agree we need a fresh new path in 2017. Let me know some of your peeves in 2016 and somethings you actually enjoyed. Good riddance 2016 and Happy New Year!







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