3 Simple Pieces to End Your Summer with a Bang

As this amazing (and hot!) summer comes to an end, there is no better way to celebrate it than to whip out our best summer pieces for a good farewell to summer. Due to the nonstop heatwaves and crazy summer adventures, i’ve dedicated this summer to comfort.



I must say, rompers are my favorite go-to’s. Its a whole outfit in one! They’re perfect for when you are constantly on the go. All you need to do is throw it on and accessorize. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of rompers due to them not looking so classy but this year, large retailers such as ZARA and Forever21 have really stepped their game up this year.


This ZARA piece was a perfect addition to my summer collection. It is flowy, lightweight, and comfortable enough for those wild summer adventures.


This Forever21 denim number is a guaranteed head-turner.  The light wash of the denim is a great compliment to these bright summer days and provides a subtle 90’s look. You can dress this up by wearing nude pumps and a cute high bun or a casual look with some crisp white converse.


The infamous t-shirt dress had a special spot in my heart this summer. Not only is it comfortable, but I also find it very easy to wear it at any occasion. When I want to dress down, I often wear a wide brimmed hat and a light sweater tied around my waste to subtly add more layers. To dress it up I like to pair it with some fancy ankle boots, a small belt on my waist, and for the layers a light denim jacket or for night time, my favorite leather jacket.



I know you’ve notice this cute trend, linen is my absolute weakness this summer. I mean have you felt the material? Its almost like it isn’t even there. Its perfect for those summer days where its so hot you consider walking out with nothing on, with linen you can get the same effect. Its airy, loose, and especially perfect for my fellow boho lovers.







Swayed Towards Suede

Ah yes, It all began in the fall. While strolling upon the clothing section at Target, I came across a gorgeous A-line skirt with cutout floral-like designs to embellish the bottom. I wanted to buy it so bad, but ya know..broke college student..other priorities…blah blah blah.. So I told myself that I would buy it the next time I come but unfortunately, it was gone:(

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.16.51 AM

After this occurrence, I tried to lay my hands on everything suede. There are so many endless possibilities with the texture that you can wear it each and every season!

You can stitch it onto your elbows to create chic patches on your sweater in the Fall/Winter:



Buy this AH-dorable faux suede shift dress from Hollister for your springtime adventures:


And for my fellow boho lovers, try a free flowing faux suede maxi dress:


I hope you guys are just as obsessed with this hot new trend revival as I am. Have a great day lovelies!