Swayed Towards Suede

Ah yes, It all began in the fall. While strolling upon the clothing section at Target, I came across a gorgeous A-line skirt with cutout floral-like designs to embellish the bottom. I wanted to buy it so bad, but ya know..broke college student..other priorities…blah blah blah.. So I told myself that I would buy it the next time I come but unfortunately, it was gone:(

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.16.51 AM

After this occurrence, I tried to lay my hands on everything suede. There are so many endless possibilities with the texture that you can wear it each and every season!

You can stitch it onto your elbows to create chic patches on your sweater in the Fall/Winter:



Buy this AH-dorable faux suede shift dress from Hollister for your springtime adventures:


And for my fellow boho lovers, try a free flowing faux suede maxi dress:


I hope you guys are just as obsessed with this hot new trend revival as I am. Have a great day lovelies!





Fashion School? Nah

Only a year ago I realized that my true passion was in the fashion world. With realizing this, I put all of my efforts into preparing, finding, and searching for my major at the perfect fashion school. Since living in California, the best and most reasonable choice seemed to be FIDM that is strictly based in my state located in San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, and of course Los Angeles.

After visiting the website, I asked for more information which lead my to my admissions counselor of the San Francisco Campus. She was very sweet and contacted me frequently to check up on me to see if I was on track and happy with what I see in FIDM. Eventually, I headed out to San Francisco to have a meeting with the counselor and FIDM was great. I was going to major in Visual Communications and Merchandise Marketing and get my bachelors degree in that. All I needed was to do a  Even though FIDM is an expensive school, I was determined to get my degree, network while in school in Southern California, and make my parents proud by becoming a professional buyer for major companies.

Once my conversations with the counselor started to solely be about money, I realized that FIDM wasn’t quite looking for talent, but rather a large sum of money. Don’t get me wrong: they are excellent at creating resources, connections, and educating their students but are not selective on who gets admitted. When they don’t focus on the talent of their students before entry, some people are expecting more when they graduate than they will really receive which leads to empty promises and a waste of a students time. I began to feel very pressured to attend the school with the counselor constantly calling me, texting me, and even contacting my family at inappropriate times. After telling the admissions counselor that I was looking into other options for schooling, she became very short with me and seemed frustrated. When asked to send my project back it got “lost” in the mail, but eventually after a month came to my house. I am over FIDM and glad that I did not attend, but not I am back to square one.

For a while I thought FIDM was my only option but after doing much research, I learned that that is not the case. There are so many great schools out there such as Parsons or FIT. Parsons, which is the best fashion school in the nation really caught my attention because the alumni is much more respected from a worldwide angle and that is what I wanted for myself as well as a true challenge to get accepted. Unfortunately, Parsons is way too expensive for me especially since I am out of state so now I am going a different route: state college.

State colleges aren’t ideal for fashion majors, but it is completely possible. One of the many perks of wanting to base a career off of the fashion arts is that you don’t really have to attend a fancy fashion school. If you look at Miuccia Prada, Kate Spade, Donatella Versace, Manolo Blahnik, Giorgio Armani, and so many more amazing designers and fashion industry moguls you will see that they didn’t go to a modern day fashion school and some of them even starting in the industry much later in life.

Although, fashion school is a great start, going to a regular college can be just as effective if you have the skill, will, and determination. I am currently going to a Junior College in Napa, but I plan on transferring to a stat college in a year studying marketing. I am also doing an online certificate program with Parson’s and Teen Vogue in which I will receive small sets of skills to help me out in the long run. I am not sure if I should stay in the Bay Area and go to San Francisco where there are so many successful people, or if I should go down to Southern California to step out of my comfort zone. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to take you guys on this journey with me!




Here are some of my Merchandise Marketing Ads:)






Fashion of the Motherland

Since living my whole life in the United States, I think its safe to say that our style isn’t the most exciting. As each year goes by, It feels as if our fashion sense grows more mundane and safe  which isn’t the most exciting predicament for me and  my fellow fashion enthusiasts.

With wanting more depth in my fashion inspiration, I had to look beyond our borders and what better than to channel my flavorful Afro-Carribean roots?

I know afrocentric clothing and patterns may seem outdated and “hippie-like” but there are so many great ways to modernize it. I believe that if it has a powerful pattern with rustic tones, along with a looser fit  the look is complete.7420588d8f28209aff46b95b80c2862f


For instance, this simple yet bold dress is the perfect combination. The boho feel of this dress cut is perfect for our summers while the pattern stays in tact with the culture. Another thing that I love about afrocentric clothing is how complimenting it is to my skin tone!

Here are a few other great looks:


After much research, I was so amazed. The deep, rich colors, and intricate patterns make such a beautiful statement piece. Not only did they embody the true meaning of a statement piece, they shared a story. Im not sure if you would see this, but to me it represents the strength of my culture. After centuries upon centuries of hardship and constant discouragement, we still somehow see the beauty of the world with our earthy-toned fashion pieces.