Fashion: My Fearless Mouthpiece

Hey guys, welcome to my blog… Hey, everyone welcome to Cocoa’s world

Just scratch everything. Lets start with a genuine introduction. Welcome to my blog! I am here not only to be heard, but to inspire, and more than anything to grow.

It’s no secret that fashion is my ultimate passion. It has been right under my nose for as long as I remember and I never even noticed. I remember always thinking to myself, “why don’t I have any talent?” or “what am I good for?” well I have found this answer in fashion. This is my way of telling the world my story, my way.

Not only is fashion something that I am passionate about, but it holds a deeper meaning. Fashion is my mouthpiece. It speaks for me when I don’t have the strength to even put one foot in front of the other. It is something that can transform my attitude and allow my to be a better person each and every day.

I have so many ideas, visions, and concepts that I feel that I can share with the world so why not share it through my journey? I’m not a fancy schmancy fashion journalist, but I sure know how to look “fleeky” on a dime. Come along this journey with me and lets inspire together.